Brotherhoods and guilds are living witnesses of a moment in our history. The religious orders have preserved memories of folklore, local gastronomy, our history and our traditions !

Vignoble Villers-la-Ville  Hostieux Moines


  • The 'Confrérie du Vignoble de l'Abbaye de Villers en Brabant'

This association was founded in November 1990. Its main aim is to honour the winemaking traditions of the Villers Abbey.

The members are once again cultivating the vines in the garden of the Abbey, which were left to go wild from the 18th century. The cloisters has 20 ares spread over 5 levels.

Guided tours of the vineyard are organised once a month from April to September (in French). See our Agenda.

More details on the website La Confrérie du Vignoble de Villers en Brabant 

  • The 'Confrérie des Hostieux Moines'

This order was largely inspired by the history of the Villers Abbey which already had a hostelry in 1212 where the monks served their products, such as bread, beer, cheese, etc.

It was created in 1995 and is made up of 13 of the founding monks. Its main goal is to support the touristic and gastronomic activities of the Villers Abbey and Villers-la-Ville in general.

In May, it organises an annual gourmet march across the region with a special menu of local delicatessen from our typical restaurants. See our agenda.

More details on the website La Confrérie des Hostieux Moines

 Sapeurs Marbais  Archers de Marbais


  • The 'Confrérie Royale des Chevaliers Sapeurs de la Sainte Croix de Marbais'

This Order's main activity is to open the procession 'Holy Cross Tour'. This tradition has been preserved from the prestigious past of the village of Marbais.

Its origins are linked to the history of the relics of the Holy Cross owned by the parish of Marbais (Villers-la-Ville).

More details on the website Chevaliers de la Sainte Croix de Marbais

  • The 'Confrérie Royale du Serment de Saint-Sébastien'

As in any Estate worthy of its name, in the Middle Ages, Marbais had a remarkable corps of archers. The move to firearms, in the 16th century, removed the military importance from this company and it soon mutated into a shooting club which arranged major festivities in which the whole bourgeoisie took part.

Mor details on the website Les Archers de Marbais